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Once a Sugarloaf Shepherd - Always a Sugarloaf Shepherd

Once a puppy is born into the Sugarloaf Shepherd family, he (or she) is a Sugarloaf Shepherd for life. If there is ever a time that the buyer cannot keep a puppy bought from Sugarloaf Shepherds, the dog should never be given up to a shelter or a rescue group. The buyer should just let us know and we'll take the puppy (or grown dog) back. Our puppy sales contracts reinforce our promise that our Sugarloaf Shepherds will always have a home with us, if necessary, to ensure their protection in case dire circumstances arise. All our puppies are given microchips, so they can be identified at any shelter or by any vet, and returned to their owner as soon as possible after being found and identified.


Why Delay Spaying/Neutering to 12 or 14 Months?

At Sugarloaf Shepherds, we are committed to doing the most we can to ensure your puppy has a long and healthful life. One of the factors that may impact your puppy's health and longeviy is the point at which he/she is neutered or spayed. Many veterinarians may encourage owners to neuter or spay their puppies at an early age, sometimes even at three months. The latest scientific studies argue strongly against early neutering or spaying. For some discussions of the reasons why it is best to delay neutering or spaying until your puppy reaches the age of 14 months, please click here and here.

NOTE: Sugarloaf Shepherd puppies are not released to new homes before the age of eight (8) weeks (Pennsylvania law).

Sugarloaf Shepherd puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registration, with a contract that requires the puppy to be spayed/neutered between the ages of 12 to 14 months.

Sorry, we do not ship puppies -- it's best that you pick them up personally.

Kindle had her litter of four males (2 white and 2 already reserved black ones) and three females (1 white and 2 black) on 4/27/2017. They will be ready to go to their forever homes on or about the weekend of June 24. See Kindle's puppies at one week old.

kindle pups

Ellie had her all-white litter of seven males and three females shortly afterward. Her puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes the same weekend as Kindle's. Bodhi was the sire for both litters.

ellie litter

When a new litter becomes available, deposits of $300 are accepted to reserve puppies. Of course, deposits will be credited toward the purchase price of your puppy. Puppy buyers get choice of puppy in the order in which deposits are received. Call Linda for more details at (717) 328-3339.

Below are links to puppy pictures for some previous litters:

See Polar's and Bodhi's October 2014 Family Album

See Ellie's and Bodhi's November 2014 Family Album




Click on the logo at the left for Karen Pryor's Clicker Training web site. It has all you need to get started training your puppy with positive reinforcement.

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