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Once a Sugarloaf Shepherd - Always a Sugarloaf Shepherd

Once a puppy is born into the Sugarloaf Shepherd family, he (or she) is a Sugarloaf Shepherd for life. If there is ever a time that you cannot keep the puppy you bought from us, do not give him up to a shelter or a rescue group. Just let us know and we'll take the puppy (or grown dog) back. Our puppy sales contracts reinforce our promise that our Sugarloaf Shepherds will always have a home with us, if necessary, to ensure their protection in case dire circumstances arise.

Mia's and Bunker's Puppies
Whelped on 8/12/2017

4 Weeks Old

blue boy  
Blue Collar Male  

green boy  
Green Collar Male  

orange boy  
Orange Collar Male  

purple boy  
Purple Collar Male  

red boy  
Red Collar Male  

orange girl  
Orange Collar Female  

pink girl

Pink Collar Female  

purple girl  
Purple Collar Female  
red girl  
Red Collar Female  
yellow girl  
Yellow Collar Female  
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